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March 29, 2010
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THIS IS JUST THE INITIAL UPLOAD! Serpent ref is pretty much done, I just figured I'd post this while I had the opportunity to do so!

Extra info is on the pic. Application-form is below!

Name: Topiltzin
Alias (if any): Topi or Toh. Also Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan, etc.
Age: Infinite. In humanoid forms, appears to be in 20s/early 30s.
Gender: Male
Species/race/being: Quetzalcoatl- the feathered serpent
Height: 6'10" in human form
Weight: ~200 lbs in human form. Looks lean, but still well muscled.
Myth/Historical Aspects:
- Mayan/Mesoamerican legends can be hard to come by in extensive detail... Even with Quetzalcoatl being one of their primary deities, access to online-information has been limited! However, his appearance (in each of his forms) is heavily based on actual renditions of him, such as this. Things like clothing, colors, and overall features were kept in mind.
- As he is historically depicted in 3 different appearances (human, naga-esque, and full serpent), I added each rendition as a form that his character can freely shapeshift into.
- Many smaller aspects of the Quetzalcoatl legends were worked in. For example: Quetzalcoatl has also been called Yacapitzahuac, meaning "pointed nose", which has been incorporated into his physical appearance. He's often depicted with a painted black stripe beside the eyes and blue areas on the forehead- both of which were combined with realistic aspects for his facial markings.
- THERE IS A TON OF OTHER STUFF based on legends of Quetzalcoatl and his history, but it's hush-hush for now, as it's intended to become key points as the OCT goes on!~

Realistic Aspects:
- He's heavily decorated in much of the stone, clay, feather, etc. features that were seen quite often in the Mesoamerican cultures.
- Feathers, eye color, and much of his facial paintings are based on the Turquoise-Browed Motmot (Eumomota superciliosa)- a highly-regarded bird in many Central American areas. (The Turquoise-Browed Motmot is also called 'Toh' by many of these groups. Fits in perfect, right? TOHpiltzin~)
- His clothing, along with his more serpent-like forms, take on qualities of the Central American Coral Snake (Micrurus nigrocinctus), which was selected mainly for the colors (which fit with many colors seen in the humanoid historical depictions of Quetzalcoatl), along with the fact that it's also native to the region. Otherwise... information available on the species is really limited, so that's about all I had to go off of.

Creative Liberties Taken: In Topi's case, mostly minor things!
- Feathers in his crest had the green/orange/black banded pattern added to them- while the colors are based off the Motmot, the bird's actual feathers don't really have such a pattern on them.
- Gemstones and precious materials added to some of his jewelery seem somewhat unlikely to be had in ancient Mesoamerica, but were added on the basis that HE'S A GOD. Surely the gods can find a way to get fancy polished gemstones- especially considering that many cultures would give offerings of their finest materials in attempts to appease their gods.
- He's extra pretty-faced and such, whereas most natives to the region tend to have stronger features. Again, this is on the grounds that HE'S A FANCYFUL GOD, and gods tend to be as attractive as possible.

Personality: Generally, he's a sweet guy- friendly, respectful, and as generous as he can be. Topi tends to freely welcome the company of others, despite his rather high status, and is glad to casually converse with any being he meets. Can easily be a listener or talker, depending on the person he's with, and rarely speaks an ill-word.
He'll sacrifice blood for those in need- anything he can do to help mankind. One of the most knowledgeable of all beings, Topiltzin has a soft-spoken wisdom that he shares most any time he talks.
High moral standing keeps him from doing anything that could even potentially be considered wrong, and- should this standard be broken- the guilt from wrongdoing can quite easily drive him mad...
All and all, he's an impossible sort of perfect: The spitting image of a god!

... Given his current situation, however, he's become rather quiet and reclusive. To those who address him against his wishes, he can be cold and short, often remarking smartly on any and every instance that could possibly be mocked. If your character says something ignorant or unwise, he will point it out in an overly eloquent manner.
He's not immoral or outwardly rude, but he can be harshly realistic and blunt at times and seems constantly somber.
Remaining alone and unmoving at his tower, and with his frequent rejection of most people who try to approach him, it gives the impression he doesn't want to be spoken to at all- while, in actuality, he really could use for some company and reassurance. You just-... have to prove to him that you're a good person- or, at the very least, that you're smart enough to keep him entertained.

Fighting Style: A non-boss NPC; right now, he's kinda the 'damsel in distress', and (most likely! Though the influences of OCT competitors can sway things) won't be doing any fighting in the tournament. SHOULD he fight, the style depends on which of his 2 allowed forms he takes.
- HUMAN FORM: Would only remain human in cases where less-physical methods are needed.
Taunting or physically manipulating foes into making mistakes (such as causing them to be trapped/otherwise subdued by their own actions) would be his most probable tactic.
- SERPENT FORM: Along with the taunting/trapping method, he'd also be capable of grabbing/constricting to keep his assailant subdued. Flight can be used for divebombing and such and, if absolutely necessary, stunning with very minimal strikes of venom.

Abilities/Weaponry: Can switch between human and serpent forms as necessary- third 'god' form has been restricted by the wizard.
- Human form is unlikely to do any weapon-based fighting at all (if he had to, it'd be with knives, darts, or arrows), preferring to outsmart attackers into making bad moves and, thereby, effectively bringing themselves down.
- Serpent form is a FREAKIN' HUGE FLYING SNAKE. HE NEEDS NO WEAPONS. Constriction, flight, and fixed (non-retractable!) fangs capable of injecting neurotoxic (paralyzing) venom- these are the primary weapons. Fangs are notably smaller and more slanted inward than the fangs of most retractable-fanged snakes. Due to the shape, Topiltzin has to bite and latch on for a few moments in order to inject venom, and he's also more likely to give dry bites ('misses'; a bite where no venom is given). In the case of dry bites, you'll mostly just get the two big pierces and a series of smaller notches from his regular, smaller teeth.

Misc. Need-To-Knows: Most of the misc. info has already been posted on his ref image! What hasn't been stated, however, is probably all seeeeecrety-things, to be revealed in the OCT~


(Ohman I feel so happy right now. I have been working on this like crazy since I got back. AM I FINALLY TAMING FLASH? I mean, LOOK AT THOSE COOL BUTTONS-- okay I'm sorry it's all actually totally lame, but I had to learn it COMPLETELY on my own, so... I feel accomplished. Seriously- without an internet-access comp, I couldn't possibly look up tutorials or anything for it... Was annoying, BUT I LIKE THE RESULT!)

Art, character design, and all this good stuff here :icontzyoku:- Eden Wolke, 2010
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May I make a suggestion? The buttons are a little hard to click because they're made only of the text. You could possibly put a same-colour-as-the-bar-they're-on background behind them so they're easier to click.

But Flash refs are the most awesome thing ever. I need to like... make some. xD; But my ActionScript skills are seriously like... rusty/nonexistant.
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